Posted in December 2011

January 2012 Goals

These are only my goals for the month (not including hubby’s) which will only get confusing if I include his. We have separate accounts at the moment although we have complete transparency on both accounts. It seems to be working so far. If it gets too complicated then we will consider having joint accounts. 1. Pay $800 off … Continue reading

Credit card debt

At this moment, our (or my) credit card debt stands at $1794. A couple friend owes us $325 for their share of NYE accommodation which I will put straight towards the CC which will put the total at $1469 (not counting interest which is high). We’re hoping to pay the whole amount off at the end … Continue reading

Move to Europe

We are a newly married couple in our late 20’s currently living in sunny Sydney, Australia. Our main goal is to hopefully, permanently move & work in Europe by 2022 giving us 10 years to move towards this goal. At the moment, we are thinking of Norway but in 10 years, maybe this would change. … Continue reading