Move to Europe

We are a newly married couple in our late 20’s currently living in sunny Sydney, Australia. Our main goal is to hopefully, permanently move & work in Europe by 2022 giving us 10 years to move towards this goal. At the moment, we are thinking of Norway but in 10 years, maybe this would change.

Minimalism is going to be our main goal for 2012 and we will try to employ a one-in, one-out method to avoid clutter. We are also currently saving up for a home deposit this year while also planning a mini holiday to Europe (England/France) at the end of the year.

This blog would help us keep track of our spending and paying off debts as we inch closer to our main goal.


3 thoughts on “Move to Europe

  1. Wow cool! My other project is to start a blog about Oslo. Will let you know when it is started. It will be written in bad frenchy english too 🙂

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