January 2012 Goals

These are only my goals for the month (not including hubby’s) which will only get confusing if I include his. We have separate accounts at the moment although we have complete transparency on both accounts. It seems to be working so far. If it gets too complicated then we will consider having joint accounts.

1. Pay $800 off credit card debt.
2. Put $500 in Emergency Fund.
3. Spend no more than $30/week on breakfast/lunches at work.
4. Don’t use the credit card!
5. Track spending for the month (every cent!).
6. Earn an extra $100 by selling stuff on Ebay.

One of our sore points is eating out  especially being lazy and still eating out when there’s food at home. I didn’t set a target amount for this month but we will definitely try and decrease eating out this year and spend more time eating at home experimenting on cooking different meals. Goal #3 is a bit too much – spending $30 just on breakfasts and lunches bought at work is still very expensive. I might change it to $15 next month to challenge myself to brown bag lunches and bring toast for breakfast. I also have to limit myself to only buying coffee once per week instead of every morning.


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