Posted in January 2012

Mini Report of January 2012 Goals

Seriously where did January go? I can’t believe it’s already February tomorrow. Here’s how I did in January (next month will be the start of joint monthly goals): 1. Pay $800 off credit card – Yes. I paid more than $800 off but we had to use it for the Furbaby’s operation too. 2. Put … Continue reading

1 Million Kilo Challenge

Another title would be: Getting My Act Together. Here’s a quick history of my weight – 89 kilos in 2000, 81 kilos when I started dating hubby in late 2003, 101 kilos at my heaviest early 2011, lost a bit of weight to settle at 95 kilos during the wedding in October 2011 then now, … Continue reading

Clothing Purge from last year

To get me in the mood for more de-cluttering & purging, I’m posting this list of clothes I purged from my closet last year (this won’t be counted in this year’s list): Forever 21 grey & yellow scarf – given away Grey Country Road V-neck top Darky grey & beige French Connection top – given … Continue reading

Splurge of the Week

One of the best things that came out of the US are hands down, Reese’s Peanut Butter chocolates (another thing is Three Musketeers). Yummy yummy peanut butter wrapped in chocolate… So when I saw this peanut butter jar in the shops, I had to have it. Because it would taste exactly like the treats right? WRONG! It … Continue reading

Hair Frugality

I wanted Jessica Alba, I got an eggplant. In early November last year, I went to a local hairdresser (I’ve been there previously) to get my hair cut & coloured. Now the last time I coloured my hair was probably about 5 years ago & I did it myself. But I wanted a change so … Continue reading