Our ING savings accounts

Accounts with an s because we have 6 sub-accounts at the moment at ING Direct.

As of January 02, 2012:

Emergency Fund: $603.76
London Paris 2012: $73.34
Dream Home Deposit: $421.10
Car Fund: $385
Fiji Fund: $15 (newly opened)
Dog Fund: $15 (newly opened)
Utilities: $15 (newly opened)

I currently have an Automatic Savings Plan (ASP) built in fortnightly to deposit $200 every pay day to the Emergency Fund and I’d be able to add more to the other accounts as soon as I pay off the credit card.

We only have 1 car & the car fund is for the registration (once a year) and service (also once a year). We didn’t save up for the last service that was in November 2011 & the bill ended up being around $1100 (including replacing the brake pads) so we were a bit short for cash after that so hubby is planning on putting in $100 every fortnight in that account so there would be no surprises next time.

In another post, I would detail the goal amounts we want for each category in 2012.


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