Spending Diary: Jan 01 to Jan 04

Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that we are in Sydney, one of the most ridiculously expensive cities in the world. If you’re from the US or Canada, don’t be shocked at the prices. We get ripped off everytime we go to the shops.

Hubby & I get paid fortnightly (every two weeks) at the same time since we work for the same organisation. This makes budgeting & planning so much better. This is our spending diary (joint) for the first 4 days in January as our first pay day in 2012 is Thursday, the 5th.

Jan 01:

$60 – petrol (should last more than a week although we have a couple of road trips coming up)

Jan 02:

No Spend Day

Jan 03:

$4 – Target
$10.20 – Madam Moo (a Chinese grocer)
$16.50 – butchers
$2.20 – 2 x lemons at the fruit market
$19.94 – groceries  – *gift card*
$2.99 – dvd kiosk *free*

Jan 04:

No Spend Day

The gift card was a wedding gift and it comes in very handy once in a while. We rent DVD’s at a couple of instant DVD kiosks and sometimes we get a free code which we try to use.

I’ve never been this excited to get paid tomorrow…


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