Work budget epic fail

My optimism & preparation fell apart on the first day of work in 2012. The plan was not to buy any lunches for the whole work week. Yesterday I broke down & had a chicken schnitzel roll (with lettuce, avocade & mayo) & it was so delicious. It also cost $7.50. Sydney CBD prices hurt a lot.

Remember my $30 budget for work food – I think I’m going to *just* make that this week. I bought some breakfast items to keep at work such as toast & milk which will keep me going for the whole week (or two). Lunch is already prepared tomorrow – leftovers of home made burgers & salad. Snack of Greek yoghurt & a banana. Cup of green tea since I slipped & had a skim mocha today. A girl needs a break when she’s sitting on a desk crunching data & reading off a screen for 8 hours!

A friend at work also arranged a lunch date for Friday & it’s sushi so how could I resist! I just have to be good for the next two days & use what is remaining on my budget.

Spending Diary for the rest of the week is coming up!


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