Ridiculous Vet Fees

We had our very cute Furbaby (now hereby to be known as FB) vaccinated on the 5th Jan and when we picked her up, the vet mentioned that she had a cherry eye which essentially means, “a common congenital eye defect in various dog breeds where the gland of the third eyelid… prolapses and become visible”. FB has had this cherry eye for a while & it usually comes out or becomes swollen when she becomes tired from playing. We usually give her eye a light saltwater bath & the swollen eye calms down & she’s good to go to play her little heart out again.

Anyway, the doctor said that we should opt for surgery ASAP as it looks bad & quoted us between $500 – $600. Fair enough. I did some research on the interwebs & the cost seem to be about average so we decided to go for it. This is only for one eye, mind you.

We had $200 in cash left over from my previous pay & hubby did some mowing for his parents huge property which he gained $250 from. We figured we’d pay the rest with our accounts. So hubby went to pick up FB the other morning from the vets & got hit with a $947 bill.

Um, ok.

So how did $600 balloon to become $947?! Let’s look at the itemised bill.

Anaesthetic – $172
Suture – $30
Consultation – $42
Eye Ointment – $29
Hospital – $72
Theatre Fees – $110
Operation – $420
Hospital (next day) – $72

So the operation itself cost $420 – you’d think that they would think to include the other items on the quote you know, such as the threatre fees, anaesthetic, suture, theatre fees, etc. And to charge us for another round of consultation fees when she was just there a week ago? Really?

And what does hospital actually mean & what did it include?

It seems that this vet could pretty much just charge whatever they can & include anything they can in the bill. Funnily enough, the cheapest thing on the bill is her eye ointment. And oh, we have to take her back in a couple of days for a check-up.

Fair enough, the surgery had to be done but next time, we just wish that there is a better transparency when it comes to quotes. There is a BIG difference between $500 – 600 to almost a thousand dollars. Is it really that hard to quote your customers properly?

Of course the lovable FB is 100% worth it but maybe that’s what the vets fall back on? That people would do everything to make sure their FB’s are healthy & not in pain.

Seriously considering putting FB on an insurance plan but there is so much to choose from with so  many different conditions, that we’d have to tread lightly on this (now who said pet insurance companies would have transparency on their conditions too?).

Coming up: update on Credit Card debt & Savings.


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