1000 Things in 2012

This year, hubby & I (and furbaby) are planning on getting rid of 1000 things in 2012.

Do we even have 1000 things to get rid of? I think everyone does!

So here’s what we’ve binned so far:

1. Gilmore Girls Season 7 – sold on Ebay

2. The Hills Season 3 – sold on Ebay

3. Warhammer Miniatures – sold on Ebay (I would count this as one item even though there were potentially 6-7 pieces in there)

4. Hot pink top with ruffles & front zip – currently on Ebay with

5. Grey top – very old maybe 5 years but I’ve been hanging on to it. I tried it on the other day & it shrank so much that it only came up to my belly button – bin

6 & 7. Pair of European pillowcases – we don’t have any European pillowcases. To be donated.

We’re planning on Ebaying more stuff on the weekend.


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