Meal Plan Jan 14 – 21

This week is passing by in a blur. I completely forgot about updating this. So this was our meal plan last week. This week will see us (or me) eating out a lot. Birthdays, Hens Parties & friends to catch up with are all money drainers but so much fun.

Jan 14 Saturday – Went out to friends Hens Party. A banquet menu plan with drinks (not even sure if it was real champagne) cost a very cool $100. It was a set price so I couldn’t decrease it even if I wanted to. Welcome to Sydney prices people!

Jan 15 Sunday – Beef Rendang *hubby still at work so I made extra for him to take to work the next day

Jan 16 Monday – Chicken curry with potatoes *hubby still at work

Jan 17 Tuesday – Takeaway – I was going to cook something tonight but bought takeaway instead.

Jan 18 Wednesday – Pasta with beef meatballs

Jan 19 Thursday – hubby & I are going for dinner for his sister’s birthday

Jan 20 Friday – I’m going out to dinner with friends after work while hubby will forage around for leftovers at home. He’s not coming as he will finish work quite late.

Jan 21 Saturday – Crispy chicken fajitas


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