Hair Frugality

I wanted Jessica Alba, I got an eggplant.

In early November last year, I went to a local hairdresser (I’ve been there previously) to get my hair cut & coloured. Now the last time I coloured my hair was probably about 5 years ago & I did it myself. But I wanted a change so I thought I’ll let some professionals do it this time. My virgin hair colour is really black bordering on mid-brown so I asked for a light brown colour – maybe a dark caramel.

So I went to the salon in person a week before to make an appointment & two senior hairdressers went over my hair & we picked a colour that would be suitable for my hair from the colour charts.

On the day of my appointment, I got a different hairdresser but she confirmed the hair colour that I wanted from my previous visit. She asked me if I wanted a semi-permanent or a permanent colour. I told her that I’d prefer it permanent as my hair is really thick, really long & really stubborn. But no, she said she’ll try a semi first so off we went. She put the colour in, I waited for over 30 minutes, she rinsed it out, blowdried it & then realised that my original hair colour didn’t change AT ALL.

So she mixed up another batch of permanent dye this time & did it again. Another 30 minutes of waiting then another shampoo then another blowdry then finally – the top of my hair was RED! At least it’s not bright ginger red but more aubergine.

I paid $230 for the privilege of having red hair when I asked for brown.

No, I didn’t complain. I just figured I needed a change.

I got sick of having bright red hair (and bad re-growth) so I decided to colour my hair back myself. $10 later & two boxes of Garnier Intense Black hair dye & my hair is *nearly* back to its original condition. Almost…

After that rant… the point is don’t pay someone hundreds of dollars when you can do it yourself!


4 thoughts on “Hair Frugality

  1. I agree it is not worth the money. I have stopped going to the hairdresser because they disappoint me too much. I have met too many who don’t listen to what you say like once I said they could cut max. 1 inch/ ~2cm and they cut like 3-4 inches! Also I have curly hair and I haven’t met a norwegian hairdresser who can handle curly hair yet. A couple of them have even complained about my curly hair to me, saying they don’t know what to do with it!! 😉

  2. Whereas I sometimes go to the hairdressers just to get my dead straight hair curled! 🙂

    I haven’t been really happy with a hair appointment, I just don’t think they’re worth the money now. My plan is to grow out my hair & maybe a trim or something towards the end of the year.

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