Clothing Purge from last year

To get me in the mood for more de-cluttering & purging, I’m posting this list of clothes I purged from my closet last year (this won’t be counted in this year’s list):

  1. Forever 21 grey & yellow scarf – given away
  2. Grey Country Road V-neck top
  3. Darky grey & beige French Connection top – given away
  4. Target navy blue top with little white stars – donated
  5. Grey Witchery sleevless top with white ruffles in the middle
  6. Black Mink Pink top with silver illustrations
  7. Barkins hot pink/purple crossover top
  8. Plain grey French Connection top – donated
  9. Barkins navy blue long top with belt – donated
  10. Black Dotti cape (not buying a cape again!)
  11. Tree of Life green maxi dress – donated
  12. Chica Booti grey mini cardigan
  13. Portmans multi-colured mini dress – donated
  14. 100% silk scarf – donated
  15. Glassons long white halter top
  16. Sportscraft salmon top with ruffle shoulders – bin pile
  17. Target hot pink dress – bin pile due to big tear down the side
  18. Black Country Road top – old & stretched so bin
  19. Witchery grey top – old & stretched

My current wardrobe needs a major overhaul. I’m going to wait for a weekend where we don’t have anything planned so I could go for it & also start photographing some clothes to sell on Ebay.


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