1 Million Kilo Challenge

Another title would be: Getting My Act Together.

Here’s a quick history of my weight – 89 kilos in 2000, 81 kilos when I started dating hubby in late 2003, 101 kilos at my heaviest early 2011, lost a bit of weight to settle at 95 kilos during the wedding in October 2011 then now, back to 100 kilos. My height is 178cm or roughly 5 foot 10. I am currently a size 14 in Australian sizing.

My goal this year is to lose 15 kilos bringing me back to 85. From there, we’ll see if I can reach 80 kilos.

A group of friends & I have joined the 1 Million Kilo Challenge, an Australian initiative to eat healthier & move more. It is basically a free 10-week program where they send out weekly meal plans & also exercise plans. It starts on Monday, the 30th of January.

I’ve had a look at the meal plans & exercise plans (I’m on the beginner level as I haven’t exercised since the middle of last year) & it looks pretty easy to follow.

The key though is DISCIPLINE. Something I don’t have especially when I’m at work.

Why eat salad when I can *buy* a chicken sandwich? Right?
Why go jogging at night when I can settle on my comfy black office chair & write another blog post? Right?

Because that’s what I do now…

So starting Monday, I or *we* as hubby is joining in although he’s much better in the exercise bit although he still needs to lose about 15 kilos too are going to attempt this challenge & OWN it!

I’m joining a GYM tomorrow! We live literally 5 minutes walk away from 1 of the best gyms in our area so even though, it would be eating in $$ for the year, I’d happily fork out for it. I’ll just decrease my spending on coffees & food at work!

Here’s a sneak peek of recommended dinners for next week (we’re only using this as a guide mostly):

Monday: Warrigal Greens Frittata with Basic Salad
Tuesday: Summer Herbs BBQ Chicken with Basic Salad
Wednesday: Basic Grilled Steak with Vegetable Fusion
Thursday: Sticky Chicken with Asian Greens + half cup of brown rice
Friday – Grilled Fish with Grilled Summer Vegetables
Saturday – Grilled Lamb Cutlets with Cauliflower Mash & Basic Salad
Sunday – Basic Grilled Chicken with Vegetable Fusion

The exercise for beginners – week 1 includes: a set of exercises called The Bondi Beach Bum – shuttle runs, push ups, squats, high knee runs, butt raises, tricep dips & plank – this is for twice a week then 3 bouts of 30 minute brisk walk. I’m hoping on doing some more classes at the gym too.

Wish us luck! I’m going to start our grocery list now.

*The program is free to join, it’s worth signing up just to see the meal plans & the exercise plans*.



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