Mini Report of January 2012 Goals

Seriously where did January go? I can’t believe it’s already February tomorrow.

Here’s how I did in January (next month will be the start of joint monthly goals):

1. Pay $800 off credit card Yes. I paid more than $800 off but we had to use it for the Furbaby’s operation too.

2. Put $500 in emergency fundYes BUT I took some out to pay for credit card (see above).

3. Spend no more than $30/week on breakfast/lunches at workEPIC FAIL!

4. Don’t use the credit cardNope. It was only used once though & it was paid off the next day from our emergency fund.

5. Track spending for the monthKinda – we’re still tracking although I think I might have missed a few days. Notice how I stopped doing the Spending Diary for a while there.

6. Earn an extra $100 by selling stuff on EbayYes. We got around $120 total from Ebay in January.

All in all, not bad but not good either. A couple of unexpected things popped up during the month like the Furbaby’s vaccination & operation. Also our PC died & it needed to be repaired but that would be under the February spending as we haven’t sent it to the computer nerds experts yet.


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