Posted in February 2012

Good news – an unexpected pay rise!

How do I explain this without giving too much away & being completely confusing? I’ll give it a try. I joined the company/organisation I work for in June 2008 at the most basic lowest level which is Grade 1 Level 1. Every year on the same day that I joined, I received an increment until … Continue reading

In which I justify…

When I want something bad, I’m like our furbaby after a scent… stubborn, bull-headed and restless. A few weeks ago, I made up my mind that I really really wanted a pair of coloured denims since they are popping out everywhere and because I need new jeans. I currently have three pairs of jeans, none of which … Continue reading

ING Savings Update 24/02/2012

Twenty days later since I’ve last posted a savings update, here’s how we’re going so far on the savings front: Emergency Fund: $1006.01 London Paris 2012 Fund: $220.66 Life Savings (previously Dream Home Deposit): $422.71 Car Fund: $100 Bali Holiday Fund: $700 Furbaby Fund: $100 Utilities Fund: $250 We’re not doing too bad I think. Every … Continue reading

The Cost of Going to the Cinema

The other day, the hubby & I watched The Grey. If you haven’t heard of it, think Liam Neeson, Alaska, snow, a plane crash & a pack of hungry wolves. We don’t usually go to the cinema that often, only if there’s a big epic like The Lord of Rings or Twilight (ha kidding on … Continue reading

Mid-weekly $ check-up

Remember the $190 budget for the week? I’m afraid it’s nearly all gone… Thursday – 16/02 $10.00 – breakfast at work $10.00 – lunch date with an old work colleague $10.40 – coffee & cake from the Swiss Bakery $8.95 – magazine Friday – 17/02 $7.40 – breakfast at work $7.00 – Thomas Dux groceries … Continue reading