ING Savings Update

One month later & I feel as if we haven’t really made that much progress in our savings. That’s what having debt means!

Here is an update of our savings accounts as of February 04, 2012:

Emergency Fund: $756
London Paris 2012: $100.66
Dream Home Deposit: $422.71
Car Fund: $636.15
*Mini Holiday Fund:  $165.39
Dog Fund: $15
Utilities Fund: $115

*We were planning on having a mini one-week holiday to Fiji in the middle of the year but we’ve changed our mind & are planning on going to Bali instead. We went there in 2009 for a wedding & it was beautiful, relaxing & most of all cheap!

I know it’s only the start of February but we really have to get our asses into gear & start saving more. I’ve paid of my CC in full (more on this later) but we still have that personal loan in the way but everything counts so we’re snowflaking our way to our goals which are looking pretty lofty at the moment!

The Past – January 2012 Update


3 thoughts on “ING Savings Update

  1. Looking good – I love the how you break down all your savings goals – I do it too and every time I log into an account seeing NY2012, or ‘my favourite ‘To Portugal & Beyond’ lol, it makes me smile (and motivates me more)
    Keep going you’re doing great!

  2. I think if we didn’t break it down – it will be a big mess (we’ve tried that before & it all fell apart hence the personal loan). Thanks – I feel like we’re progressing very slow but we’ll keep at it! 🙂

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