February 2012 Goals

The hubby wants to join in so some of these (mostly the financial ones) are going to be our joint goals:

Financial Goals

1. Pay off credit card in full – essentially this is already a done deal! I woke up at 2:30am last Thursday (payday) & paid this off in full ($510).

2. Pay off $1500 off our personal loan

3. Only use the credit card for emergencies – a new pair of shoes does NOT count as an emergency!

4. Earn an extra $100 from Ebay.

5. Keep our grocery spending down to $100 per week. This might seem like a lot but in Sydney prices, it really is not.

6. Have $1000 in our Emergency Fund at the end of February.

7. Have $700 in our Bali Holiday Fund at the end of February.

Personal Goals (only mine)

1. Read 10 books in February.

2. Try two restaurants I’ve never been to before.

3. Send out all our thank you cards from our wedding & thank you photos.

4. Lose at least 3 kilos.


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