Ebay: Warhammer Miniatures

The hubby has been enthusiastically listing some of his *stuff* on Ebay. Surprisingly, they’ve been selling quite well. These two miniature Warhammer boxes sold for quite more than what we were expecting.

These boxes were bought back in the 90’s, probably 10 or 12 years ago. I’m not sure if that would make them more valuable or cheaper in the toy-modelling world.

The Bretonnian Questing Knights sold for $31.00 (+ postage & handling).

The Bretonnian Grail Knights sold for $15.50. Both were bought by the same buyer.

I recently transferred $110 from PayPal to my bank account to go into our London/Paris Fund. So selling on Ebay really does add up! And we have so much more to sell.

Link Love: Minting Nickels – the Ebay master herself.


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