Food not worth the $$

A friend & I went out to dinner for a catch-up last night. Our local Thai which is very good was full so we went to the Malaysian restaurant next door. I’ve been to this particular restaurant about 4 years ago & I didn’t remember it being all that good but since that was years ago, maybe they would have changed right?


We ordered an entree – chicken satay skewers. The chicken on the skewers were so miniscule that we basically ate it all in one go. The satay sauce was goopy & watery too.

First main was Rendang Beef (which I make regularly). This is easy enough to cook but they must have misplaced their salt. It had no flavour whatsoever.

Next up was Hainanese Chicken. Again tasteless. It was only helped by the kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) that they provided.

To say it was very disappointing was an understatement. Maybe I should have said something to the hostess when we she asked how our meal was? I did post a scathing review in a restaurant review website along with many other disappointing diners so maybe they would take the hint?

Have you ever been disappointed with a restaurant? Did you say something or complained?


3 thoughts on “Food not worth the $$

  1. I was recently so disappointed at a tapas restaurant that I ended emailiong the manager and saying how bad my experience was. This was 4 days ago and he hasn’t replied đŸ™‚

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