Money mid-week projection

I’ve purposely planned nothing this weekend which means I’m staying at home for two days which also means that I’m not spending any money.

Pay day is next Thursday. This is how I’m going money-wise until then.

Cash in my wallet – $20
Bank account – $190
Total: $210

Projected Planning:

*Family – $109 ($100 + $9 process fee overseas)
Lunch on Monday with a friend – $15 budget
Physiotherapist fee – ??

I somehow injured my right ankle/heel on Tuesday afternoon while walking to the bus stop from work. It came all of a sudden & I had to stop a couple of times on the way to the bus stop. I tried ignoring it but its getting worse, it feels like I have splinters at the bottom of my foot. I’ll try & make an appointment on Monday afternoon after work but won’t be sure how that would cost. As I have very high personal medical cover (75% of the cost), I’m not too worried. If need be, husband can pay for the extras but hopefully it shouldn’t cost too much.

*long story. This should be going to our L/P fund but anyway…


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