Fortnightly Budget : Feb 16 – 29

This is my (not including hubby) actual first fortnightly budget on this blog. I’ve tried Category Budgeting before & it didn’t really work for me as I just kept borrowing from other categories so now I do this… Any suggestions/questions welcome!

Fortnightly pay : $2089
Balance from bank account: $7
PayPal (latest funds from Ebay – more on this later): $180
Cash in my wallet: $15

Total $$ for 2 weeks: $2291

Rent: $530
Family: $260
Phone Bill: $80
Bus tickets: $72
Utilities Fund: $100
Emergency Fund: $250
Bali Holiday Fund: $500
Paris/London Fund: $150
Week 1 Fund (Feb 16 – 22): $190
Week 2 Fund (Feb 23 – 29): $159

The Week 1 Fund is slightly higher as I need to go back to the chiropractor on Monday for another appointment (damn heel pain). My share of groceries will also come out of this weekly budget. It looks tight but if I have a couple of good days per week where there will be no major spending (or clothing purchases) then it should be ok. And hubby’s funds are always there for backup!

It’s a great feeling that I’m literally putting away $900 into different Savings Funds! Notice how there’s no more CC payment in my budget. Very happy about that!


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