Mid-February Goals Update

Move to Portugal has inspired me to do a mid-month update of our February goals. Check hers out – their mortgage will be under £100,000 soon!

Financial Goals:

1. Pay off credit card in full – Done! So so happy about getting this done so early in the year.

2. Pay off $1500 off our personal loan – We’ve paid $966.15 so far this month. I don’t think we’ll make $1500 this month but hopefully around $1200 will do.

3. Only use credit card for emergencies – not used at all after I’ve paid it off.

4. Earn an extra $100 from Ebay – we’ve sold $180 worth of stuff so far & there’s another 10 items for sale which is ending in 4 days.

5. Keep our grocery spending to $100 per week – we’re doing well so far although we might be going over this coming week.

6. Have $1000 in our EF – Done!  Currently on $1006.

7. Have $700 in our Bali Fund – Currently on $665.39. I’m sure I can squeeze another $35 from our budget somewhere.

Personal Goals:

1. Read 10 books in Februarytwo so far, need to catch up.

2. Try two restaurants I’ve never been to before – went to a Thai restaurant with a friend which was fantastic!

3. Send out all thank you cards – um, will be done by the end of the month for sure!

4. Lose at least 3 kilos – I just had a chocolate/hazelnut cake with double cream <— that explains it all.

I’m very happy with our progress so far. How are you doing?


8 thoughts on “Mid-February Goals Update

  1. Wow! You’re doing awesome! Congrats on paying off that card! I should really sit down and write some monthly goals….like you were saying, writing them down makes you so much more accountable and therefore so much more likely to get them done.

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