Mid-weekly $ check-up

Remember the $190 budget for the week? I’m afraid it’s nearly all gone…

Thursday – 16/02

$10.00 – breakfast at work
$10.00 – lunch date with an old work colleague
$10.40 – coffee & cake from the Swiss Bakery
$8.95 – magazine

Friday – 17/02

$7.40 – breakfast at work
$7.00 – Thomas Dux groceries
$6.00 – takeaway snack for hubby
$29.95 – NCIS Season 7 & Aeon Flux DVD’s

Saturday – NO SPEND DAY

Sunday – 19/02

$25 – new zipper for hubby’s work pants. Can you believe that price to replace an ordinary black zipper?!
$10.20 – 1.2 kilos of chicken breast
$6.50 – groceries
$11.80 – Rekorderlig cider

Total so far: $143.20
Total left with 3 days to go: $46.80

Yikes, I have another physiotherapy appointment tomorrow. The total cost is $120 but my private health fund covers 75% of the cost so I’m only out of pocket $30. That means I have $16.80 for three days including a dinner out with the girls on Wednesday night. Looks like I have to dip into my second week budget (or dip into hubby’s wallet!).

*the items in red I probably could have done without


4 thoughts on “Mid-weekly $ check-up

  1. Magazines are so expensive aren’t they. I subscibe to a couple (LivingEtc & Red) and it works out so much cheaper, but I still get tempted in the shops occasionally……US InStyle normally, which costs about £4.95! Eek!

    Love NCIS so can understand that purchase 🙂

    • I completely understand! I used to be a magazine addict & would buy about 8-10 per month but that was the first magazine I’ve bought since January! Two of those = 1 top or a dinner out.

      Love NCIS too! I can’t wait to get Season 8. 🙂

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