The Cost of Going to the Cinema

The other day, the hubby & I watched The Grey. If you haven’t heard of it, think Liam Neeson, Alaska, snow, a plane crash & a pack of hungry wolves. We don’t usually go to the cinema that often, only if there’s a big epic like The Lord of Rings or Twilight (ha kidding on the last one!). P.S. When did Liam Neeson transform into a 40-something action hero (think also of Taken & Unknown)?

Did you know that a regular movie ticket in Sydney already costs $21? A 3D movie would probably cost $25.

If we’re lucky, we can get away with paying $18.50 or every cheap-ass Tuesday, it would be half price. But $21?

So whenever the cinema has cheap tickets for sale, we buy it in multipes. Last month, Event Cinemas/Greater Union had a sale for $7.50 per ticket so I grabbed 8 tickets but we have until the end of March to use it. We’ve used 2 so far & we’re using another 2 this weekend. When we run out, we probably won’t buy another one full price until The Hobbit comes out at the end of the year.

I remember when I first arrived in Sydney about 12 years ago, the movie tickets were $8.50 and the price seems to go up by a dollar or so yearly.

Business Weekly discusses what city in the world has $24 movie tickets.

How much are ticket prices in your city & how often do you watch a movie in a cinema?


8 thoughts on “The Cost of Going to the Cinema

  1. I’ll have to see that one. I love Liam Neeson and we went to Alaska last year. That’s a good tip to buy the tickets in bulk when they’re cheap. We don’t go to the movies much because of the cost.

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