ING Savings Update 24/02/2012

Twenty days later since I’ve last posted a savings update, here’s how we’re going so far on the savings front:

Emergency Fund: $1006.01
London Paris 2012 Fund: $220.66
Life Savings (previously Dream Home Deposit): $422.71
Car Fund: $100
Bali Holiday Fund: $700
Furbaby Fund: $100
Utilities Fund: $250

We’re not doing too bad I think. Every category has increased (except for the car fund but we used most of it to pay off a year’s registration). Our quarterly electricity bill from November 18 to February 18 should be arriving anytime soon, if not already in our mailbox. Despite Sydney’s ongoing rain, there were a lot of sticky, humid, unbearable (to us) nights where we had to turn the airconditioning on so we would be opening that bill with some trepidation!

The hubby & I had an intense discussion about our future (especially the burden of having a gigantic mortgage) over curly fries & chocolate thick shakes yesterday hence the change from Dream Home Deposit to Life Savings Fund. A huge post on that coming soon.

March would also mean three (3) paychecks so that would boost our savings a LOT.

ING Savings Update: February 4
ING Savings Update: January 2


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