In which I justify…

When I want something bad, I’m like our furbaby after a scent… stubborn, bull-headed and restless. A few weeks ago, I made up my mind that I really really wanted a pair of coloured denims since they are popping out everywhere and because I need new jeans. I currently have three pairs of jeans, none of which I like very much.

1. Black straight legs – they’re too big for me & make my ass much bigger than they are which is not a good thing.

2. Blue boot cuts – they’re unflattering plus they’re old

3. Black skinnies – bought last year, I’ve worn them to death that they are now faded & grey. It’s definitely on its last legs, I’m predicting the crotch area will develop a hole in the next couple of weeks.

I started trying on coloured denim & after about two weeks, I felt deflated. They were either too tight on the hips, look like jeggings (ewww) or made out of shiny denim material which is just weird. So when I saw racks of coloured denim hanging at David Jones on the way home from work on Thursday, I was in two minds whether to try them on & I was so happy that I did. It fits like a glove & in my true size as well. I wore it to work on Friday but with a black tee/blazer however I’ll probably try the below colour combo for autumn. It cost $140 full price but the nice sales lady (rare in Sydney!) gave me 10% off as I was equally nice to her & then I had a $70 or so gift voucher left over from my birthday last year so I only paid $52. This was clearly not in the budget but sometimes you just have to make room for the more important things in life… like bright green jeans!

I figured I needed another pair to get me through winter. Rust would be my colour of choice but they only have bright red. A second runner-up would be the blue though, it’s just something different from regular boring old denim jeans. Through the course of 3 paychecks in March, I would somehow have the $$ to purchase this and hopefully they would go on sale during the month.

{images – Sportscraft and Wendy’s Lookbook}


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