Good news – an unexpected pay rise!

How do I explain this without giving too much away & being completely confusing? I’ll give it a try.

I joined the company/organisation I work for in June 2008 at the most basic lowest level which is Grade 1 Level 1. Every year on the same day that I joined, I received an increment until I got to the top of my level which is Grade 2 Level 2. But I’ve been relieving in a higher level on & off since April 2009 which is Grade 5 Level 1. The difference between the salary of being a Grade 2/2 to being a Grade 5/1 is roughly $500 per fortnight. Definitely not something I would turn down! Are you confused yet?

Now I have been continuously relieving in a Grade 5/1 role since October 2010 and because I was only relieving, I thought my increment wasn’t going to progress any further but I was wrong. It turns out, as long as I have been relieving for a year or so, even though only temporarily, I would still get an incremental raise.

So I mentioned this again to our manager & she contacted payroll to back pay me from October 2011 to present and then my level would be Grade 5/2. If I’m still relieving by October 2012 then I would go up to a Grade 6/1.

I’m hoping that the back pay (if there’s not going to be any dramas) would be around $500 or so after tax which I would automatically deposit onto one of our savings accounts. Also my fortnightly pay would increase from my next pay (not the 1st March but hopefully the next one). I’m not sure by how much but even $50 per fortnight would still be a win!




5 thoughts on “Good news – an unexpected pay rise!

  1. It’s a good thing you keep track of it all and asked your manager to contact payroll to give you the money you’ve earned 🙂

    Otherwise, imagine how much you would have let slip by??!

    Congratulations on the windfall 😀

    • It’s lucky that we have a good system for tracking down how many times I’ve relieved even for one day so it was very easy to count. But I should have done it sooner, I just kept putting it off! 🙂

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