February Goal Round-up

Another busy month gone & another very busy month ahead.

Here’s how we did in February:

Financial Goals:

1. Pay off credit card in fullYES! YES! YES!

2. Pay $1500 off our personal loanNO! We paid off $1042.61. Not good. We could have done more.

3. Only use credit card for emergenciesYES! Not used at all in February.

4. Earn an extra $100 from EbayYES! We’ve sold $360 worth of stuff just lying around.

5. Keep our grocery spending down to $100 per weekKinda! We did well in the first two weeks but I lost track in the last two but I know we didn’t spend heaps on grocery this month hence why we have an empty fridge & we need a big grocery buy tomorrow.

6. Have $1000 in our Emergency FundYES! Ended the month with $1009.11

7. Have $700 in our Bali Holiday FundYES! Exactly $700 in that account.

Personal Goals:

1. Read 10 books in FebruaryNO! This is a little bit ambitious to be honest. I’ve read 5 total.

2. Try two restaurants I’ve never been to beforeYES! The Thai restaurant that my friend & I went to at the start of the month & a little cafe that we went to after a meeting in the city. They had the best selection of maracons – I had a peanut butter flavour & it was so good!

3. Send out all thank you cardsNO! I’m so bad.

4. Lose at least 3 kilosNO! But at least I didn’t gain any. I didn’t really weigh myself & I’m scared to.

Happy with meeting most of our financial goals, not so much the personal ones. Our March goals are coming up!


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