The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Here are the highlights & lowlights of what has been a crazy week!

I’ll start with The Bad & The Ugly:

1. Remember this post? Yep, complete epic fail of major proportions! I spoke to my manager again & Payroll did a calculation and there was a rule that I should have been relieving for a period of 365 days (ie a year) without more than a 6-month break but it turned out, I stopped relieving for just a teensy bit more than 6 months in the end of the 2010 due to conflicts with my past manager (still the most horrible monster woman I’ve ever met in my life). So I have to wait for another 100 or so days to get my next increment so around end of June.

2. More increment issues! Because I have to manually update my relieving status every fortnight to get my right pay rate (yeh it’s confusing me too), I was late in doing it this week for 1 day so I didn’t get my higher rate for the pay that is coming up on the 15th March. Grrrrr…. I’m eventually getting it on the next pay but it just throws the whole budget out of proportion for that fortnight.

3. Since March started, I haven’t been tracking my $$ at all. But I know I’ve spent on heaps & saved very little. And it’s making me anxious.

4. I had to cancel my physio appointment for my right ankle/heel as I worked late & I knew I wouldn’t get there in time. Well, I was too much of a coward so hubby cancelled it (a day before!) and the receptionist was rude to him.

5. It has been so busy at work being by myself again that I didn’t end up finishing my workbook to be handed in my course on Monday. Good thing hubby helped with it but I still have to devote some time to it this weekend!

6. Due to being so tired every night, this blog (and the other PF blogs I read) has been abandoned. I’ll have time to catch up eventually…

Enough with the whinging! Apart from all that, it has been a busy (good for me!) and great week too.

The Good:

1. Hubby celebrated his 28th birthday on Thursday. We both worked 10 (he worked 12 hours) that day but we still had a nice dinner at home. My intention was to cook something for him but a crazy time at work prevented that from happening. I still hastily arranged the table for a simple candle-lit dinner, bought him three (3) deluxe beers he’s never had before, ordered two Indian dishes then I cooked rice with turmeric & some naan bread. It was a great meal to end the day with. At least that’s what he said…

2. Apart from buying him two (2) shirts for his birthday, I also got him Season 1 of  The Game of Thrones DVD which is one of his favourite fantasy series. We’re planning on watching it slowly together.

3. New leather flat boots! I envision wearing these babies for the next 4 years or so. I also bought some water proofing spray for them & it really works.

4. Had some nice compliments at work regarding the work that I do. Hearing those things are always pleasant.

5. Hanging out with the girls last night for a drink & an Italian dinner at a restaurant called Criniti’s near our place. And a friend getting us a nice strawberry cake!

6. Super special date night tonight with the hubby in one our favourite Austrian restaurants.

7. My course starts on Monday for two weeks and I’m actually kind of looking forward to it now.

How was your week?


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