Library Frustration

There’s a very good library near our place that I go to all the time. It’s about 7 minutes walk away from our house so it’s very convenient. I can borrow up to 10 books/magazines/DVD’s at a time and I usually do. So I just returned a batch of books about a week ago. The other day, I received an email notification saying that one of the magazines I borrowed was already overdue.

The library’s overdue fees are slightly different from most libraries. Instead of charging a certain amount per book, they send out notifications & these notifications cost $5 even if it’s one book or ten. Now I don’t mind paying for these fees if I really had a late book out as it goes to helping out the library. But I’m pretty certain I’ve returned this particular magazine. The hubby & I even did a thorough check at home for it. Really, if I wanted to steal a certain cooking magazine, I’ll just buy it for myself for $7.

So anyway, I called the library today during my break at work & I spoke to quite an unhelpful lady. She looked for the magazine twice with no success. She said that I have to come in on Tuesday or Thursday morning to sign a Statutory Declaration (it’s a legal document) stating that I indeed returned the magazine. I said, are you kidding? I actually work Monday to Friday from 7am to 5am & that would be an inconvenience for me. This happened before with a book & they actually found the book in one of the shelves.

Hubby & I went to the library after work & I had to sign a long-winded document, witnessed by a Justice of the Peace. All this drama for a magazine that I’ve already returned!


The return chute is connected outside the library. The books can’t actually be returned to the ‘librarians’ (and I say that very lightly) so there is no way of checking right there and then if the books have been scanned out of my records. Their system obviously need a lot of work and this kind of thing will continue to happen.

Thanks for making me rant but these little stupid inefficiencies just drive me nuts!


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