Latest Ebay Sales

Our last Ebay sales garnered us $106.75 (not including postage fees) for seven (7) items. It might not seem much but for literally ‘junk’ lying around the place, that is a big amount.

Another man’s trash is another Ebayer’s treasure indeed.

We sold the following:

6 x Warhammer Miniatures


Blitz, your typical Jason Statham movie that sold for $4.25

I de-cluttered my wardrobe quickly the other day (only the hanging items) and in about 10 minutes, I got rid of about 30 items. Items that I either haven’t worn or I don’t want anymore. Some of these clothing items will be listed on Ebay shortly. Hopefully I could get some new classic winter garb with the cash.

Have you been decluttering lately?


2 thoughts on “Latest Ebay Sales

  1. Your post just reminded me that I need sell a bunch of stuff on Ebay. The listing fees always make me so mad–I’m thinking of heading over to Etsy to sell some of the vintage clothing I have, because it’s cheaper and I think it might better cater to the particular demographic I’m shooting for anyway.

    Good for you on selling that stuff–I’m surprised you could part with the Warhammer minis though 😉

  2. The Warhammer toys were the husband’s from years ago. I don’t know how he accumulated so many & never even took them out of their packages. Now they’re proving their worth. 😉

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