Link Love Sunday Edition 2

Our internet has been acting weird & annoying lately. It has been cutting off / has been really slowly for a couple of weeks now. The internet company said that the problem is with the phone line and that it wouldn’t be fixed until Monday (today) so we literally did not have any internet connection during the weekend (except for Saturday night & 30 minutes last night where I tried posting this).

What else did we do again before the internet came along?

A teeny-tiny part of what I’ve been reading/what I’ve been up to in the last week:

1. Elizabeth of Go Green Travel Green argues against having separate accounts. Hubby & I still have separate bank accounts & I sometimes think that a joint account will be easier to keep track off too…

2. Red pandas playing in the snow will make your day better!

3. Jana posted on how her childhood affected her finances. Good read!

4. Have a look… 44 weeks of words.

5. One for the meal plan – Pan Roasted Chicken with Lemon-Garlic Green Beans. I love one pan recipes!

6. Wanderlust – a travel blog that makes me want to go to Hong Kong (and any Disneyland! Still regretting that we didn’t go to Disney Sea in Tokyo when we were there last…)

7. The Garden of Cosmic Speculation in Dumfries Scotland by amazing architect Charles Jencks.

8. The hubby & I are watching 21 Jump Street tomorrow with our cheap movie tickets. Has anyone seen it? We thought a silly comedy should break up the long week quite nicely.

9. Donna from Get Rich Slowly reminds you to Prepare to Get Sick.  Thank heavens I haven’t been sick this year or called in sick for work but winter is coming & I usually get a rather nasty virus/sore throat as the season changes. Our cupboard still has some throat lozenges  (not that they work) and some Panadol although the last time I had a sore throat I had to go to the doctor for some antibiotics as it hurt too much to swallow. And the best preparation of all, both hubby & I have private health insurance (he’s on a medium cover & I’m on a top cover).

Have a good week!


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