March Notes

Since our internet connection died in the middle of March, my blogging mojo has died down. It’s working perfectly fine now but I’m only just getting back into it again. Here are some highlights & lowlights from the long month that was March:


– finished my two-week work course successfully. I didn’t realise how full-on the course would be but it was. There were individual and group activities daily and also two big analysis/oral presentations.
– I made some new work contacts during the course as well as a couple of new friends. A few drinks were had at the local pub after a full day of learning.
– I tagged along to hubby’s informal work drinks & we somehow ended up in a strip club. I was the only woman. I was busy preparing a briefing while a stripper is baring her everything in front of me.
– one of my good friends gave birth to a cute, fat baby girl called Melissa! My friend being Chinese and her parents very traditional, is barred from going out for a month. She’s not even permitted to go out in the balcony. No wonder she’s going nuts!
– the hubby & I watched 21 Jump Street. It was hilarious!
– we also watched The Hunger Games last week. I had to expedite getting the book first which was sold out everywhere before watching the movie as I can’t stand doing the opposite. The book was better than the movie which I still found enjoyable! I bought the third book Mockingjay today & I’m already halfway!
– for hubby’s birthday, we went to one of our favourite German restaurants & had a feast. It was delicious!
– I started a mini detox last week where I gave up caffeine & chocolate and basically tried to be good. It’s working! Already two people have told me I’ve lost weight. And I haven’t even started exercising yet!


– there were no significant purchases in March which was good although there was a family matter overseas which I had to send $$ to so we didn’t save as much as we’d hoped.
– my private health fund increased by $11 per month which makes it $161 per month starting in April. I realise I’m paying a premium but as soon as I get my teeth fixed then I would have it lowered. I just need to get my act together & do it this year!
– our electricity bill wasn’t as bad we thought it would be {another post on this later}
– no major clothing/shoes purchases for me in March just two striped tops from Target which were $20 each. I really NEED new work pants though…
– we took the furbaby to the vet as she had a slight allergic reaction to food (we must have fed her something naughty). She had a full check-up and the bill including medication and a whole new diet came to about $240.

That was my March (well most of it) – how was yours?


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