ING Savings Update 09/04/2012

Our last ING savings update was back in February – a lot has changed in our plans since then.

We are not going to Bali anymore in June. As much as we want to go on a mid-year holiday, we have to be realistic and save up for a much bigger holiday in October. So another change is that, we are not going to Paris anymore, we are going to Scandinavia instead. We’ve always wanted to go so why wait for a couple of years? These are the updated plans for now… but since I’m very impulsive (and also flexible) don’t be surprised if these plans change again soon.

Anyway, here’s how our savings accounts are going at the moment (we’ve put the cash in the Bali account in the newly named Scandinavia account):

Emergency Fund: $1804.54
Scandinavia Fund: $1474.44
Life Savings Fund: $425.84
Car Fund: $401.51
Furbaby Fund: $0.47 (we just used $200 from this fund for Furbaby’s vet check-up two weeks ago)
Utilities Fund: $200.67

We can breathe a little bit better now that we’ve finally let go of Bali. Now we’re focusing on paying off the personal loan & saving up for Scandinavia. And I can’t believe we almost have $2000 in our Emergency Fund!

Our last updates:
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