ING Savings Update 09/04/2012

Our last ING savings update was back in February – a lot has changed in our plans since then. We are not going to Bali anymore in June. As much as we want to go on a mid-year holiday, we have to be realistic and save up for a much bigger holiday in October. So … Continue reading

March Goal Round-up

I’ve been postponing doing this but here it is… Financial Goals: 1. Pay $1500 off our personal loan & bringing it down to $5,000 – NO! We paid off $1017 but the loan is now down to $4882. 2. Have $1800 in our Emergency Fund – YES! 3. Have $2000 in our Bali Fund – … Continue reading

Savings Priority

I liked Serendipity’s post on what to focus on when there are a lot of savings goals. And also a lot of savings accounts to go with it. Last year, hubby & I had a LOT on. To the point where our finances got messy in the end. We took a holiday to my family … Continue reading

Frugal Food: Chicken & Bean One Pot

One pot meals are often easy to cook & also inexpensive. It’s basically gather all ingredients (mostly already available from the pantry), mix it all up & serve. I cooked an easy & cheap one pot dinner tonight. Apologies for not taking a photo, eating got in the way. Ingredients: 500g chicken breast, diced 1 … Continue reading

March Notes

Since our internet connection┬ádied in the middle of March, my blogging mojo has died down. It’s working perfectly fine now but I’m only just getting back into it again. Here are some highlights & lowlights from the long month that was March: Life: – finished my two-week work course successfully. I didn’t realise how full-on … Continue reading